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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

It Could Have Been Mine

It's amazing how luck can be a large part of collecting Three Investigators books. On Sunday, I never got a chance to check eBay for any new listings, and waited until I got to my flat in Hampshire before going online and going through my daily ritual of searching for new listings. Imagine my frustration when I saw this:
A lovely dustjacketted death Trap Mine. It had been listed at 1:30am on Sunday and had been "bought now" for £25 at 3:15pm. I was about 2 hours late, bloggers, and spent the rest of the evening cursing my luck. Why he listed it as buy it now, god only knows, I would have gone a good bit higher if given a chance to bid.

Bollocks, eh?

How Much is that Invisible Dog in the Window?

Er, a bit of a rip-off at £20. Compared to my recent Phantom Lake and Magic Circle purchases, all of which cost the same amount, this is a real disappointment. Anyway, it is a large hardback with dustjacket and for that I suppose I should be thankful. It makes me think of the one that got away, ie the Invisible Dog I blogged about a few months ago that was on sale on Abebooks for £35. That actually looks like a bargain compared to this rather poor condition effort. It's amazing what Amazon dealers consider to be in "good" condition. All three of the large dustjackets I bought recently were described this way, with radically different results when the books arrived in the post. Here are the boards:Not absolutely terrible, I suppose. And better than a kick in the nuts.

Treasure of the Argyll Queen

Here, folks, is my treasure, behold its beauty:
A truly nectar large dustjacketed Phantom Lake, just in from an Amazon dealer, who charged me only £20 for the privilege of owning such an item of utter delight. Not an exlib copy and looking as though it has rarely been read, this is another cracker for the collection. Check out the boards:

Who'd have guessed a gold Collins price sticker would be lurking underneath such an excellent DJ? Phantom Lake and Monster Mountain were the first books to be released with DJ, and I'm wondering if the presence of the price sticker on the boards, rather than the DJ is an indication that the introduction of a DJ was a late thought? I can't recall seeing such stickers on boards of DJ'd books before, perhaps someone can put me right here? I've certainly seen white Colins price stickers on inner DJ flaps in the past, such as on my recent Magic Circle. This Phantom Lake isn't quite up to the standard of the Magic Circle, but fucking close.