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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Rampant Lion

Ah, the large hardbacks are coming in thick and fast, fellow bloggers. Take a peek at this Nervous Lion, the result of an eBay bid of £18. VG condition throughout, small amount of foxing to page edges, otherwise it’s a beezer. I remember buying this book back in 1972. It had one of the gold Collins price stickers on it and it cost 60p. At the same time, the small hardbacks were priced at 45p. Definitely worth the extra, however is it worth £18 today? Hmmmm…

Funky Two-Toed Pigeon

I loved this story when I read it a few years ago. Great stuff about a guy smuggling jewels using a homing pigeon! He was no match for Jupiter of course, what a magnificent fat bastard he is. Anyway here is my copy, courtesy of an ebay dealer: Nice enough condition, some light creasing to cover. Also, you can't complain that the cover isnt colourful enough.

It's a Kind of Magic Circle

The best kind of Magic Circle you can get is a large hardback Magic Circle with Dustjacket that is not ex-library and in fact HASN'T EVER BEEN READ! Just, in fact, like this one: Have you ever in your life gazed upon an item of such raging beauty? I know I haven't and I've seen Girls Aloud AND destiny's Child in concert. Words fail me when I try to describe to you how nectar this book is. Full gloss on both boards and DJ, Collins price sticker on DJ flap, bright white pages, tight binding, just absolutely gorgeous. Faults? Well, the spine of the D has been in the sunlight and has faded somewhat, but don't let that put you off, this book is officially a dillion. How much did it set me back? Well, £20 plus postage. But, fan me, it was worth it. The best book in the collection so far.

Them Crooked Cats

Another root around the car hole has thrown up this most nectar of books, which was lurking under some old eBay stock (some vintage Charles and Diana spitting image Keyrings in case you were interested). A large Crooked Cat 1st edition in VG+ condition with only minor scuffing to edge of front board. I see a pencilled price on title page of £2, so that's how much I must have paid for it a few years ago. I love this story, one of William Arden's best. Same basic plot as Fiery Eye, but much better delivered. Plus, how good is that cover picture?

Rogues' Gallery

There's only one picture in my Rogues' Gallery and here it is:It's the latest addition to the collection, a lovely little 4th paperback Rogues' Reunion. Nice condition with only very minor cover wear, a complete bargain at less than £3 including postage. I haven't read this one for a long time however I seem to remember really enjoying it. I must get around to re-reading these books and maybe posting my thoughts.

Strictly Come Dancing Devil

A devilishly good large hardback with dustjacket has come dancing through the letterbox:

Now, folks, this is pretty special. For an ex-lib copy it is in very good order, with really nice gloss on the DJ and boards that present really well. Pages are generally clean as well. The library stamp page attached to the fep shows that it has been lent only 13 times, this explains the uncommonly good condition. It would be good not to have any ex-lib books in my collection, but what can you do? Realistically, how many of these later titles that are not ex-lib are on the market?

Trousered Snake

Take a look at this most excellent small hardback Singing Serpent!

Nice glossy boards, very clean pages, incredibly tight binding, appears unread. I got this from an Abebooks seller, very reasonably priced. I see a couple of large Singing Serpents listed online, but exlib and priced at £20 plus postage? A little steep methinks, so I’ll hold fire on those for the moment.

But I'm A Creep-Show Crook I'm A Weirdo

I ordered this Creep Show Crooks from an ebay seller; it was relatively cheap and described as being in better condition than it actually is, but what the hey, you win some etc. The book is not too bad, some general wear around the edges but a nice tight binding. Most of these 4th paperback editions had really terrible covers and this one is no exception. For a start the general cover layout and design is shocking, with question marks and banners and stamps all over the place and a picture taking up less than half of the cover. The picture on this one is monotonous and not particularly exciting. What do you bloggers think?